A Cabinet Of Curiosities

All of these objects belong to me or are from my household and in their way form a portrait of the artist through their associated meanings. Objects can say a lot about the person who owns them so I carefully chose objects that say something about where we are now and how technology has also rapidly made a lot of objects obsolete in recent history. In effect the collection of objects make up a 21st Century Cabinet of Curiosities that reflects my cultural background and the associated values and significance of the objects.

Sindy's boyfriend



  1. One day all museums / galleries will be like this, showing snippets of C20 life, of interest to each and everyone. Just think of the attendance figures, and the beauty of the concept is the public is stuffed full of collectors who would love the chance to see some of their treasures on secure display. Even better, there would be special cabinets, with our temporary curators having a key. They could swop display objects about for the duration so we’d see something new each time we went. The best display in Sheffield City Art Gallery is the little stand given over permanently to the local stamp collecting group; it’s always fascinating. And you just know the powers that be would love to get rid of it…

    • In the mid 90s Walsall Art Gallery did a fantastic exhibition called ‘The People’s Show’ curated by Jo Digger on the theme of local collectors and their collections. This was very forward thinking at the time and seemed to point the way to how museums and galleries could work with collectors to do something amazing.

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