Cabinet Of Curiosities – Portrait Gallery

Inspired by my Cabinet of Curiosities self portrait I thought it would be an interesting idea to do some portraits of friends using this approach i.e., ask a friend to select 9 objects that mean something to them to portray aspects of their personality not always obvious to others. Simon Robinson is the first subject for the Portrait Gallery and has produced some great photographs to get the gallery started.

Photographs © Simon Robinson


  1. So that’s me now tagged throughout blogland as an old prevert then! Anyone wanting to disabuse themselves of this can check out a few words I wrote about each object here:
    My partner was selling some of her spare stocking packets at a flea market we used to have a stall at. Each fair, a tall bloke would come along and check them out, and ask if we had any in a large size. It was only after a couple of fairs we twigged they were for himself. After that we used to look them out for him.

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