A Cabinet Of Curiosities – Self Portrait #2


  1. wouldn’t it be great to do a modern day version of the Football book? “how to get rid of your manager quick”, “six ways to fake a dive”, “how to get your sponsor to upgrade your car”, “negotiating with Hello magazine”, ” TV commercial shoots made easy”, “WAGS, a users guide,” and etc. etc!

    • I had that very same football book when I was at school and yes I agree it is absolutely essential a new version is created to take up your suggestions above.
      We could even incorporate a section on how to hire a pair of spray gold thrones for your wedding day and the correct footballers wedding etiquette that is do you spend at least £2 million on your tasteful wedding or get Hello magazine to pay for it in exchange for exclusive rights to your wedding photographs?

      I can feel a whole new burst of creativity coming on.

      • I’ll copy in a mate, Dave Browne, who was a full time illustrator and did the line drawings for a couple of Manchester United books, he might be up for this too! Even if we just did it online to begin with. Then there’s the tennis one. And the Fishing one. I think my brother has most of the series somewhere.

      • We could have great fun with this as an on-line project we will have to swap ideas for the booklet and see if Dave is up for illustrating it. By the way I bought you the Photography booklet out of this series and forgot to give it to you the last time you came over.

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