Project Brief for the Cabinet of Curiosities – Portrait Gallery

If you would like to contribute to this ongoing art project please follow the guidelines below:-

1. First of all you need access to a decent digital camera all images provided must be originally created by you not copied from a website or skimmed from other blogs.

2. Select 9 different objects that mean something to you there is no need to provide any further information other than the 9 digital images of the objects. (Feel free to write about the objects on your own blog or website and link to this site and I will create a link back to your additional content.)

3. Photograph the objects against a neutral background if possible using available light only please don’t use the camera flash if you can help it.

4. Take the best quality photographs that you can with the camera, ideally a tiff file.

5. Do not alter the image in any way i.e., effects, brightness, there is no need to resize the image as long as it at least 1000 pixels (wide) maximum that should be fine. I will crop and adjust as appropriate and then finally resize the images down to 640 x 640 pixels for web publication.

6. Email the images via to me at: vincentkemail-wordpress[@]

7. Let me know if you would prefer not to have your full name published on-line and I will list your first name only + the first initial of your surname if that is your preference.

8. Please note that if you wish to retain copyright of your images you should say so otherwise the copyright of all images published on this site will be assigned to myself.

9. All contributions will be gratefully received but you should be aware that I have the final say on if your images are posted or not depending on the quality of content and images provided. Good content will not be refused!

No spam or viruses please!



  1. You really needs the old Bonzo Dog classic ‘Shirts’ playing quietly underneath this neat gallery (otherwise people might think they’ve drifted onto the Orvis website by mistake!).

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