Cabinet Of Curiosities – Portrait Of Jane Audas

Thanks to Jane for another great contribution to the ʇıqɹouıʇuǝɔuıʌ portrait gallery with this selection of objects from her tastefully decorated home. As well as having an eye for fashion, art and design Jane is also the author of shelfappeal a blog which is well worth a look at if you are about to settle down with a cup of tea and would like to look at something different, intelligently written, and informative.

Images © Jane Audas


  1. tee hee. just noticed that the ‘possibly related posts (generated automatically)’ which wordpress has thrown at me (disable it asap Vince!) suggests ‘Jane’s Addiction’ as a related subject to go and look at…

  2. I’m with Simon. Disable it. The ‘Matilda Jane’ one is even more worrying.
    As for the King Penguins, there just happen to be a few of them together on a shelf.
    How many books a collection make anyway? 3, 5, 10?

    • I think you look lovely as young Matilda it made me laugh out loud when I saw that link. Uuuum and the King Penguin situation I think calls for a whole new category of blogs called ‘uncollections’ yes I’m not really collecting postcards I just have a few lying around the house! What do you think Simon? anything to offer for a new category?


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