Cabinet Of Curiosities – Club Flyers

The recent gale force winds and rain have restricted access to my outside studio space where I have been producing drawings with charcoal powder and water on paper.  I’m far too messy to work inside with the potential of the powder covering every surface. So the weather has brought about a juddering halt to working outside which left me scratching my head trying to think of what I could do indoors? Which brings us to club flyers. I have been meaning to do something with my club flyers which I’ve been collecting for 10+ years. There is no particular type of flyer that I collect it’s a case of whatever catches my eye and stands out from the usual dross covering the record shop counters when I’m indulging my vinyl addiction with a bit of crate digging. I have edited down my selection of flyers to 36 images to show the widest spectrum possible of the types of flyers I have been picking up, that is everything from; hand drawn, photocopies, graphic, photographic, digital to cut out shapes.

Where possible I have credited the designer if they are given a name check on the flyer. In the ideal world we could do a bit of crowd sourcing if anyone knows who the designers are please contact me so that I can give them a credit for their work.

chips with everything flyer by Ed Syder

© Vincent Kelly 2011

Cabinet Of Curiosities | Cassette Tapes

Being an inveterate collector of ‘stuff’ I keep spotting interesting things in charity shops that I think are just too good to leave in the shop, this is a small selection of the pre-recorded cassette tapes I have found recently that meet the remit of my collecting policy. The tapes are small therefore easy to store, they are also ‘classic’ releases that have been produced by quality artistes at the top of their game, and I can play them in the kitchen while I’m cooking up a storm for Mrs Inorbit and having a glass of wine.

I think it’s interesting that there seems to be a bit of a renaissance going on at the moment with audio cassette releases by some cult musicians and cassette only labels such as Tapeworm, after the golden age of pre-recorded cassettes in the 70s and 80s it’s great to see a bit of a come back for tapes taking place.

© Vincent Kelly 2011

Cabinet Of Curiosities | Folio Society Books

In my twenties I subscribed to the FS as I was ploughing my way through classic literature in my autodidactic way, since then I have picked up FS editions of the classics in second-hand book shops and charity shops to replace cheap paper-backs because they usually have a well designed binding and interesting illustrations that have been specially commissioned. I also remember thinking in my youth that I would keep every book I had ever read now I am absolutely ruthless about book retention and very rarely hang on to books in the fiction category unless it is a first edition hard-back, or at least a collectable hard-back edition. I’m afraid there isn’t enough room in the house to keep a copy of everything I read surely that’s what libraries are for?

© Vincent Kelly 2011

Cabinet Of Curiosities | Portrait of Alex Bird

Thanks to Alex for contributing to this never ending portrait project for which I have asked people to select 9 objects that have a personal meaning to them be it: family, loved ones, sport, music or whatever floats your boat. I particularly like the way the objects do very much reflect the person and can portray someone’s characteristics and values without the need for a visual likeness to create a very interesting portrait. If you would like to take part in this art project please send me your images of the objects for your selection via by emailing to vincentkemail-wordpress[@]

© Vincent Kelly 2011

PYE Stop Clock

I have spent most of my life trawling around charity shops for booty and amassed quite a collection of; books, records, ceramics and any old tat worth jumping at. Very occasionally you come across something that you don’t see very often if ever and this object is one of those classic finds that makes you quiver with excitement when you see it out of context in a charity shop. Someone obviously loved and cared for this piece of treasure as it’s still working and in excellent condition. I really like the functionality of the stop clock, the way you can change the position to the horizontal if required as I have done to photograph it against the nuetral background.

I’m guessing the stop clock is from the 50s going from the look of the design and the fact that it was manufactured by PYE who I have always associated with records rather than scientific instruments. This object screams at me “object of desire” because it ticks all of the boxes for me; design, manufacturer, analogue, scientific, measurements of time, what’s not to like about it. I assume that the stop clock was used in the workplace to time processes and productivity? If you have any idea about how and when the stop clock would have been used leave a comment.

Size: Approximately 6″ Diameter

© Vincent Kelly 2011


Cabinet Of Curiosities – Portrait of David Craven

Thanks to David for another contribution to this ongoing portrait project, if you would like to find out more about David take a look at his NLOB blog it’s very interesting and insightful.

© Vincent Kelly 2011


Cabinet Of Curiosities – Portrait Of Jane Audas

Thanks to Jane for another great contribution to the ʇıqɹouıʇuǝɔuıʌ portrait gallery with this selection of objects from her tastefully decorated home. As well as having an eye for fashion, art and design Jane is also the author of shelfappeal a blog which is well worth a look at if you are about to settle down with a cup of tea and would like to look at something different, intelligently written, and informative.

Images © Jane Audas

Cabinet Of Curiosities – Self Portrait #4

What does a selection of white label 12″ vinyl records tell you about a person? Quite a lot actually if you follow the clues.

DS 50162



Cabinet Of Curiosities – Portrait of Sarah Norris

Another nice eclectic collection of objects from Sarah this time for the Cabinet of Curiosities Portrait Gallery. Keep the contributions for this project coming people.

Images © Sarah Norris